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GIBX Option Contract Expands Network

GIBX Option Contract may not have expected that in the 25 years after the publication of “Option Pricing and Corporate Debt” in 1973, the world’s derivative financial commodity trading market has developed so rapidly. The B-S option pricing formula he invented paved the way for everything behind. In the late autumn 24 years later, he won the Nobel Prize in Economics, which is the latest time the modern financial industry and academia have gone.

Why are we talking about GIBX Option Contract? Because the development of cryptocurrency is so fast that it only took a few short years to replay the evolution of the traditional financial field. At the beginning of the year, there was even a “transaction mining” game that is only available in the blockchain industry. I can clearly feel that after this wave of growth last year, more and more people from outside the industry have entered the market. The secondary market quantification, investment banking, security audits, incubators, and FOMO3D funds have gradually emerged on the disk. The market in GIBX Option Contract keeps increasing entropy, and cryptocurrencies run wildly in an uncontrollable direction.

However, another reality is that there are only a handful of professional derivatives exchanges in the currency circle, and the basic financial facilities are still very immature in GIBX Option Contract. The lack of adequate financial hedging tools in the market is a sign that the industry is still in a very early stage. It is foreseeable that the second half of the industry depends on the ability of financial product innovation. Bitmex’s terrorist liquidity is a typical example. Before long, options contracts will become an indispensable part of the trading landscape, and the entire financial market will become more and more perfect.

Only by understanding the nature of the GIBX Option Contract can you smell opportunities in the cryptocurrency derivatives market and find the next step.

First of all, options are a kind of derivatives, all derivatives are a kind of contract, and options are no exception. It’s just that some derivative contracts are standardized, and some are non-standardized. The vast majority of derivatives traded in the GIBX Option Contract are standardized contracts.

What is GIBX Option Contract?

Options are essentially a right with a time attribute, which is a contract between buyers and sellers. After the buyer pays a certain amount of money (the royalties) to the seller, he has the right to buy (or sell) a certain amount of specific subject matter from the seller at a predetermined price on a certain date (or within a period of time) in the future. Without having to assume obligations.

8 major benefits of the GIBX Option Contract:

  1.  Active Income
  2.  Passive Income
  3.  Director’s Income
  4.  Studio/Office Income
  5.  Computer Hosting Income
  6.  Turnover Income
  7.  Workshop Subsidies
  8.  Copy Trading Income

GIBX Option Contract’s features:

  1.  Security: Funds are safe, in and out at any time, no pressure on the capital, and wins/losses in seconds
  2.  Policy Security: Regulated by AAA level institutions in 10 countries
  3.  Personal Safety: The genealogy tree only shows the first level, and the compliance is reasonable and law-abiding
  4.  Privacy Security: Anonymous KYC can be used during registration. The server is located in the top foreign Equinix Data Center
  5.  Compliance: The platform has AAA top financial licenses in more than 10 countries

The digital asset trading platform GIBX Option Contract announced that it will start options trading at the end of August, and the platform will be launched in the GUSDT / USDT / BTC / ETH trading zone soon. Let us witness GIBX Option Contract promote the bull market and start a new wave of wealth myths!

In addition, GIBX has also developed embedded Defi technology and immutable smart contract features and has become a strategic partner with partners with huge global strength and the world’s top mobile suppliers. Moreover, all the trading and profit records of GIBX’s trading team are at a glance!

To promote the bull market, GIBX Option Contract will play an increasingly important role. The expansion of product diversification will not only allow GIBX Option Contract to be further improved in terms of security, transaction, interoperability, etc. but also benefit the ecological construction of Defi. The popularity of Defi this year is naturally due to the presence of GIBXchange. Considering that most traders have technical difficulties in participating in Defi, GIBX Option Contract proactively reached out to help and leverage its own advantages to allow more users to participate in the Defi wave.

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