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GIBXSWAP Launches Head Market Website

As of now, CoinMarketCap has more than 60 million independent visitors, and it ranks 340th globally on Alexa, much higher than the Wall Street Journal’s 581. On the other hand, GIBXSWAP provides investors with data to select credible exchanges and digital currencies; provides traders with channels for understanding exchange trading volume information.

So far, GIBXSWAP is more committed to providing users with faster, more convenient, and efficient services. Four requirements need to be disclosed to the head platform.

  1. Prove that you can provide a digital currency
  2. The currency must be able to use the API in a public exchange to report the latest transaction price and the last 24 hours of transaction volume
  3. Listed on at least one exchange, and the trading volume is non-zero, in order to determine the price
  4. At the same time, for the market value ranking, the project party needs to provide accurate circulating supply data.

GIBXSWAP wants to bring this hard-won light to let users experience it faster and better. Adhering to the core concepts of compliance, security, and innovation, the protection of user assets is the primary criterion, and the decentralized transaction protocol based on the automated market-making mechanism aims to integrate the differentiated advantages of multiple basic public chains. The core point is to avoid the various drawbacks of decentralization, to create a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem, and to maximize the rewards of participants with the “dual mining incentive” of liquidity mining and transaction mining in GIBXSWAP. And through the fee repurchase and destruction mechanism, a self-driving value capture ecological closed loop has been realized.

After the launch of GIBXSWAP, the multi-chain DEX model was implemented. It is first launched on the BSC Binance Smart Chain, then launching it on the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO) and Ethereum and other ecological chains, integrating the low transaction fee of Huobi Ecological Chain HECO and Binance Smart Chain BSC and the advantages of the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem, support the “dual mining mechanism” of liquid mining and transaction mining, which will enable it to achieve the maximum drainage effect and high-quality user experience in GIBXSWAP. Platform services include staking pools, liquidity mining pools, DEXs, cross-chain asset bridges, and other ecology. GIBXSWAP has no private equity, no pre-mining, and is committed to building a new community-oriented DEX and ecosystem. At the same time, it will realize the advantages of low slippage, fast speed, fund security, and optimal price, and quickly become the market leader.

What has attracted the attention of the world is that GIBXSWAP launched a new decentralized currency “X”. The new currency is the core token of the GIBXSWAP platform, which can be used for voting, repurchasing, fundraising, trading, and earning coins. The emergence of “X” is mainly due to the gradual increase in the circulation of the original GUSDT market, and the market value urgently needs a larger carrier to achieve breakthrough growth; the market needs new currency to stimulate. The maximum supply of “X” is 1 billion, and the block reward: each block rewards 20 “X”s. The “X” open-source code is audited by professional organizations such as GIBXSWAP, ensuring safety. At the same time, “X” supports the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol of BSC, HECO, and ETH, and uses “dual mining incentives through liquidity mining and transaction mining”, which allows participants to obtain the greatest return and seamlessly integrate with the Binance and Huobi huge global traffic and head resources.

Only a professional and experienced team can make the platform more secure, stable, and efficient operation, and also make investors and users’ assets more secure. Digital asset investment enthusiasts need a safe, fair, open, and efficient blockchain digital asset trading platform! With the support of the world’s top teams, GIBXSWAP will gradually become a leading currency transaction and derivative transaction innovation model, providing several mainstream virtual digital asset transactions, a platform for investors’ needs.

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