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GIBXSWAP: Seeking a Benchmark in Excellence

If just one word could describe the blockchain sector during the last year, it should be Defi. Defi’s popularity has directly resulted in exponential expansion. Projects in the Defi concept sector remained popular in 2021. Many star projects have emerged, and GIBXSWAP is one among them. The opening ceremony will take place on September 14th, followed by the official debut on September 16th.

Those familiar with blockchain must have heard the word “DEFI” this year. The DEFI principle has resulted in a bull market for over a year. These idea projects, in particular, have created riches miracles one after the other, and this is also a prerequisite for retail investors to achieve their “dream of getting rich.”

What does the arrival of GIBXSWAP imply? As an investor, you must consider several factors.

The first thing to grasp about GIBXSWAP is whether a centralised or decentralised exchange is the primary type of exchange in the market. The two rely on their own distinct advantages to compete in the market. But, because they all have defects, no one can remove the other party altogether.

Human interaction, high-value circulation costs, knowledge asymmetry, and many other difficulties that substantially influence the user’s trading experience to arise from time to time in GIBXSWAP security concerns in centralised exchanges. While decentralised exchanges address the issues of user asset security and human meddling, they also address the issues of bad user experience and a single value ecosystem.

The first key element of DEX, according to the GIBXSWAP team, is to accomplish decentralisation. Centralised exchanges were at the top of the digital currency industry’s food chain in the past. Whether the market was hot or cold, heated or deserted, the exchanges have relied on currency listing fees and handling fees to secure their profitability. As a result, the exchange has always been powerful in users’ faces, prioritising platform interests over user interests. Furthermore, to achieve more significant rewards, they abandoned their integrity and bottom line and employed illicit techniques. At the same time, the team behind the GIBXChange platform noticed specific inevitable issues in the decentralised exchange while it was in operation. To that aim, the primary idea of GIBXSWAP was developed to avoid the downsides of decentralisation while achieving the benefits of decentralisation.

Following the launch of GIBXSWAP, a multi-chain DEX paradigm will be deployed. Following the initial introduction of the Binance Smart Chain BSC, the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO), Ethereum, and other ecological chains have been created, combining the benefits of the Huobi Ecological Chain HECO and Binance Smart Chain BSC, as well as the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem. It supports the “dual mining mechanism” of liquidity mining and transaction mining, allowing it to achieve the greatest drainage impact and the best user experience. Staking pools, liquidity mining pools, DEXs, cross-chain asset bridges, and other ecosystem services are examples of platform services. GIBXSWAP has no private equity and no pre-mining, and it is dedicated to creating a new community-oriented DEX and ecosystem. Simultaneously, it will realise the benefits of reduced slippage, quick speed, fund security, and ideal pricing, soon becoming the market leader.

GIBXSWAP is a decentralised transaction protocol built on an automated market-making process that tries to combine the distinct features of many-core public chains. Create a high-performance composite DEX environment, provide maximum feedback to participants through a “dual mining incentive” of liquid mining and transaction mining, and create a self-driving value capture ecological closed loop via the fee repurchase and destruction mechanism. GIBXSWAP is devoted to developing a Defi platform that integrates DEX, IMO, and DAO to become a Defi unicorn in 2021.

The introduction of GIBXSWAP enables investors to realise that GIBXChange is presently opening up the complete ecological product chain, constructing a bridge into the Defi world for various encrypted assets throughout the crypto world, and constructing a Defi universe. Finally, on September 16, GIBXSWAP was officially released, and the transaction would be open soon.

The multi-chain DEX paradigm was implemented following the debut of GIBXSWAP. It is first launched on the BSC Binance Smart Chain. On the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO), Ethereum, and other ecological chains, integrating the low transaction fee of the Huobi Ecological Chain HECO and the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem’s prosperity, support the “dual mining mechanism” of liquid mining and transaction mining, allowing it to achieve the maximum drainage effect and high-quality user experience. Staking pools, liquidity mining pools, DEXs, cross-chain asset bridges, and other ecosystems are examples of platform services in GIBXSWAP.

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