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GIBX SPAC Expands Market

Recently, GIBX SPAC was shortlisted for the Forex Awards Nominations 2021 held by Forex Awards and got a total of 5 nominations! They are 2021 Digital Currency Exchange Awards, 2021 Best Digital Currency and Foreign Exchange Exchange, 2021 Best Digital Currency Trading Platform, 2021 Best Trading Application, and 2021 Best Transaction Execution. At the same time, GIBXSWAP’s core token, the X currency’s price is rising steadily, doubling up the happiness.

GIBX SPAC was established on the basis of the digital asset exchange GIBXChange. GIBXChange is an international integrated Internet brokerage company under the Global Investment Bank and Capital Trust. It is a diversified group of AFF Multi Finance Group, an international integrated digital asset exchange, and LP flow provider under the GIB Digital Bank. At the same time, GIBX SPAC holds a global authoritative financial license, is able to guarantee the safety of customer funds, and has strategic partnership with huge global strength and the world’s top mobile suppliers.

At the moment, GIBX SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) is an innovative way to get listed, literally translated as “Special Purpose Acquisition Company”. The difference of GIBX SPAC lies in its innovation. In order to achieve the acquisition of a promising target company, and ultimately enable the acquisition target to quickly achieve the goal of listing, SPAC first builds shells, raises funds, and goes public on the US main board. This unprecedented way of listing enables SPAC to own an unpredictable future.

GIBX SPAC is booming in the current market because of its irreplaceable advantages.

The listing in the form of GIBX SPAC fully meets the requirements of the minimum public listing standards set by the US Securities Regulatory Commission, while at the same time containing stronger certainty. Compared with the direct overseas listing, the SPAC method not only saves time, but also costs a lot less; compared with the traditional shell-buying listing, SPAC’s shell resources are clean, and there are no historical debt or legal issues. This makes SPAC one of the best choices for companies to go public in the United States. The outbreak of GIBX SPAC brings more attention to GIBXSWAP.

GIBX will act as the initiator of SPAC, and we are currently looking for co-founders to create GIBX SPAC’s listing. We are open for members to use GUSDT™ to exchange the shares of SPAC, and you will have the opportunity to become a shareholder of SPAC. Moreover, the company will also accept X tokens from GIBX SPAC in exchange for SPAC founder’s shares. GIBXSWAP’s lawyers will help our members complete the relevant KYC process and will also issue stock certificates to members who use GUSDT™ to convert into SPAC stocks.

GIBX SPAC will have a total of 20 million shares open for the public to exchange, whereby the 20 million shares will be exchanged in 5 stages.

  • In the first round, we call it the seed round. The price of one share is only $5, and there are only 1 million shares.
  • In the second round is named the “angel round”. The price of one share is $6 with only 2 million shares available.
  • The third round is the private placement round. The price of one share is $7 with only 3.5 million shares available.
  • The fourth round is called A. The price of one share is $8, with only 5.5 million shares available.
  • The fifth round is called B. The price of one share is $9, with 8 million shares available.

If you refer to the table above, it is obvious that if you participate earlier, you can exchange equity at a lower price, which is very worthwhile. Each round of sales will only last for two weeks. Once all the shares are sold out, there will be no more issuances. The goal of GIBX SPAC is to reach a SPAC of 500 million to 1 billion U.S. dollars.

In the near future, the grand blueprint constructed by GIBX SPAC will surely set sail, and the value of its core token “X” will continue to rise.

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