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GIBX Option Contract: Advanced DEX

In 2021, Defi has set off a craze in the cryptocurrency field and has helped the cryptocurrency bull market reach a greater craze.

DEX, the full name of Decentralized exchange, is an important field in the Defi ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Before introducing DEX, let’s first introduce the stock exchanges in the traditional financial field and the centralized exchange (CEX) of the GIBX Option Contract. It is convenient for everyone to understand the necessity and feasibility of DEX.

In the field of traditional finance, everyone is already very familiar with stock exchanges. The exchange provides venues, facilities, investment advisers, traders, etc. for securities trading (such as stocks), and supervises the entire securities trading market.

With the rise of digital assets, digital currencies cannot be traded on traditional financial exchanges. As a result, a centralized exchange (CEX) in GIBX Option Contract that specializes in trading digital assets has gradually emerged. Currently, our three most common exchanges are Binance, Huobi, and OKEx. In terms of the operating mechanism and trading procedures, there is not much difference between a centralized exchange and a traditional stock exchange in the GIBX Option Contract, except that the subject matter of the transaction is changed from marketable securities to digital currency. If a blockchain project wants to issue coins and raise funds, it must also submit an application for review and supervision by the exchange. However, although there is a platform that can be traded, CEX is still centralized, which seems to violate the core characteristics of the blockchain. Everyone finds that the data in the exchange is not transparent. Moreover, because CEX is centralized custody and excessive concentration of funds, it has become a hunting target for hackers in GIBX Option Contract.

In a decentralized transaction, the transaction links of circulating currency recharge, market query, order placement, order matching, fund settlement, cash withdrawal, and withdrawal are all placed on the chain in GIBX Option Contract. Open-source smart contracts in GIBX Option Contract directly perform all operations and calls during transactions. The trader’s personal digital assets, smart contracts mean that asset custody, matching transactions, and asset liquidation are all placed on the blockchain, which is true and reliable, transparent and checkable, irreversible, and without fraud. The matching transactions completed through smart contracts and the settlement and clearing completed on the chain have greatly improved transaction transparency.

Therefore, some people proposed that the centralized link of GIBX Option Contract can be replaced based on the Defi smart contract, and the function of matching transactions can be exercised. The decentralized exchange DEX has emerged as the times require.

The popular “fried chicken” in the DEX world- GIBX Option Contract will be launched in May

GIBX Option Contract, to create the world’s first DEX+FX decentralized exchange, the current global investment and wealth management first choice foreign exchange and the digital asset industry with a listed value of more than 1.89 trillion and build with Defi decentralized smart contract underlying technology to achieve openness, fairness, and justice. Every step can be queried on the chain to build a truly decentralized exchange.

At the same time, GIBX Option Contract adopts advanced technology and operating model to provide spot trading, super legal currency, leveraged trading, contract trading, Tokens LaunchPad, block trading, DEFI zone, FX zone, Polkadot ecology, staking and moon landing plan, etc. GUSDT will be the only platform currency bound to the exchange, becoming the world’s largest digital asset management institution, exchange, and the world’s largest foreign exchange liquidity provider, and it will be mandatory to bind GUSDT to participate in global foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, precious metals, energy, indices, and many other hedging transactions, reaping huge benefits!

GIBX Option Contract is safe, stable, fast and efficient, and has complete functions. It is composed of international first-line foreign exchange centers and cryptocurrency trading quantification institutions. It has 10 golden Russian trading teams with more than 15 years of experience and efficient custody so that every user can rest assured, peace of mind and confidence, no longer let worries become a stumbling block on your road to wealth.

On-chain transactions based on blockchain technology make digital assets more secure. The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is hosted in a decentralized computer network, where there is no single point of entry or single point of failure. Therefore, this decentralized hosting method makes the server difficult to be hacked, making the security of DEX in GIBX Option Contract exponentially improved.

Also, since assets are always kept in their own wallets, decentralized exchanges are only responsible for the matching of transactions and do not touch your assets. This avoids the control of assets by third-party platforms and prevents users’ assets from being affected in GIBX Option Contract. The risk of abuse and runaway, insider trading no longer exists. All transactions are completed in accordance with instructions through smart contracts, and there is no possibility of third parties manipulating transactions.

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